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My name is Bob Nanna.

I was born on June 14, 1975.

Chicago is my home.


I play in the bands Braid, Hey Mercedes, Lifted Bells, and The City On Film.

 Newest album 'Celebration States' - GET IT.

I co-founded

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Listen to my weekly podcast.

I presently work with SearchLab and assorted local businesses, some in Northern California, some in Chicago and the Lincoln Park area.


I used to sign off most correspondences like so...




March 17: SOLO - SXSW, Smartpunk House, Austin TX

March 26: BRAID - Jam Nishieifuku, Tokyo, Japan

March 27: BRAID - Flowers Loft Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, Japan

March 29: BRAID - Nine Spices Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

March 30: BRAID - ACB Hall Skinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

April 6: SOLO -Club Garibaldi, Milwaukee, WI

April 12: SOLO - Loud Pizza, Highland Park, IL

Oct 11-13: BRAID - Best Friends Forever Fest, Las Vegas NV




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