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Threadless Work 2005-2014

Threadless Songs

- From 2007-2009, I wrote and recorded over 150 short songs to help promote specific Threadless designs. In 2014, I released a digital album of 35 of my favorites.

Make Great Together

- We worked with a separate video company on this production. I wrote the basic music and they re-recorded it.

Threadless Tee-V

- When Threadless decided to start a video channel, they tasked me with creating concepts for each episode and writing each episode. Budget = $0.

Sale concepts

For each sale, my team put together a robust campaign encompassing all channels (video, email, social) with a sharp eye on community engagement. Here are just a few examples. Budget = $SMALL.

- Spring Cleaning - I concepted this backwards video, mentioning all of the sale tees in the original song, and keeping the theme front and center

- A Very Fuzzy Holiday - 4 "temps" join the company to help achieve their creative goals.

- Camp WannaTee - The company split into 4 "teams." The community also joined teams online. Actual live-streamed field day events held at the HQ, pitting them against each other with prizes for the online winners.

- T-Thousand-Ten: A Space Holiday - The iconic Threadless Airstream takes off. Included giveaways on "Spacebook" and promotional transmissions from the ship.

- Back To Old Skool - Back to School sale featuring dance moves by employees, to be named by the community.

Shorty Awards Winner for Best Brand on Twitter and Facebook

Featured Speaker at Online Retailer Convention in Sydney, Australia.

Cover Story in Chief Marketer Magazine on Threadless team

Personal Work 1975-present

Co-Creator of

- The first-of-its-kind custom songwriting network where fans can directly commission songs from a curated  collection of artists.

Creator of Never Ending Polaroid

- From 2001-2013, a Polaroid within a Polaroid connecting over 600 people worldwide.

Verified Twitter

- I've done year-long "On This Day In" Twitter campaigns with daily posts on my verified channel.

Tour Recap

- Presently doing a day-by-day recap on Instagram of recent tour, 5 shots per date, all ending with re-created setlist from the evening.

Covers Project

- I'm in the middle of covering and posting 100 of my favorite songs.


- When I was a kid, I made full separate albums of original music for mine and my siblings' Cabbage Patch Kids. Each specialized in a different genre. Thankfully (?) these cassettes are lost to time.

My Next Project: Band 18

- I want to direct an 18 person band to record an 18 song album and exist ONLY in the year 2018, culminating in a New Years Eve performance. Wish me luck,

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